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VILNIUS is a professional choir characterised by the highest standards of performance, versatility and educational activities. Particularly responsive to current trends in art, the Choir can equally take pride in mastering best of the choral music from previous eras. A potent advocate for Lithuanian music, VILNIUS Choir annually presents several new works by Lithuanian composers, the most notable of which reach recording studios. The group has released 15 CD recordings while 300 recordings of choral works performed by VILNIUS are stored in the Lithuanian National Radio and Television sound archives.

A combination of creativity and professionalism, the ability to get through to diverse audiences and involvement in offbeat events and projects are among the Choir’s hallmarks, which have forged VILNIUS a reputation as one of Lithuania’s leading choral groups.

Artistic maturity and excellence in performance has long been the top priority of the Choir’s leaders. Its current leader, a famous Lithuanian choir conductor and educator Artūras Dambrauskas, has set the Choir on a new creative trajectory towards innovative, versatile and modern artistic activity.

VILNIUS’ endeavour to propagate the choral art consists in intense concert activity and unique programmes tailored to a diverse range of audiences. The Choir performs not only in the concert halls of major cities, but also in the most remote towns of the country. Interactive and engaging programmes are specially designed for kids to raise the audience of the future.

VILNIUS State Choir has been the organiser of the yearly International St. James Sacred Music Festival since its inception in 2011. Illuminating every autumn with the sound of sacred music, the Festival has become an indispensible part of the capital’s cultural life.

The Principal Conductor of VILNIUS Choir, Artūras Dambrauskas, is a renowned Lithuanian choir conductor and educator. Associate Professor and Head of the Music Theory and Practice Department at Vytautas Magnus University (VMU) Music Academy since 2009, he teaches conducting and other choral disciplines. Dambrauskas has conducted at the Song Festival and other music festivals in Lithuania, has worked as a member of Jury at different international and national competitions and currently holds the position of the Artistic Director of the International St. James Sacred Music Festival.

Since he took over the leadership of the Choir in 2015, Artūras Dambrauskas has introduced fresh changes in the creative strategy of the group. By combining art music and easy listening music in the repertoire, he further reinforces the multifaceted profile of the Choir.

MARIS SIRMAIS, conductor, 2017

“I’ve been most impressed by your professional approach! You are so easy and pleasant to work with! Your quick response to any request or idea the conductor may have is amazing. Very kind people, rich sound of the choir: resonant basses, bright sopranos, extremely stable altos and tenors, a perfect voice balance and a special spiritual warmth that emanates from the group. I hope that you uphold these values for ever.”


ROBERTAS ŠERVENIKAS, conductor, 2016

“I see VILNIUS as a choir with a drive, constantly moving forward in various directions. They are not set on just one style or one type of audience. Despite numerous appearances in major venues with a repertoire that requires  high professional level and great emotional strength, the Choir places an equal amount of importance on performances in small towns. A performer’s voice embodies their nature and their entire being. That’s why the emotional charge present in a choir produces exceptionally strong vibrations and an incredible force capable of immense impact on the audience and the conductor. I clearly felt the power while conducting VILNIUS Choir.”

VYTAUTAS MIŠKINIS, composer and conductor, 2017

“VILNIUS Choir fulfils its unstoppable artistic ambitions in extensive concert activities displaying high professional level and creativity. Over the years the Choir has developed a unique, well-defined vision for its repertoire, which enables it to encompass both centuries-old oeuvres and contemporary choral innovations. Thus the Choir’s mission is a great stimulus not only for us, composers, but also for the country’s entire culture.”

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