Remigijus Adomaitis: “We cannot reconcile ourselves to dilettantism”

: 2018-09-17


“No matter if you are big or small, you can only achieve something in this life through persistence and hard work,” says Remigijus Adomaitis, a founding director of the Boys’ and Youth Choir “Dagilėlis“ from Šiauliai, which is often eulogised as an ‘outstanding Lithuanian phenomenon.’ Below are some thoughts that conductor Adomaitis shared with us about the price of success, essential values and the choir’s upcoming performance.
What is the secret behind the success of the Boys’ Choir “Dagilėlis”?
While working with kids and adults alike, it is important, above all, to find out why you are doing THIS. To answer questions, which arise naturally: Why should this piece [of music] sound like this and not the other way? Why are we working such long hours and not less? What do we get from this? All these questions must be answered to everybody because only working together we can achieve our common goal. And it is precisely for this reason that we are doing well enough (smiles). We cannot afford to reconcile ourselves to dilettantism and therefore must try to execute every detail as professionally as it is possible. Understanding of the necessity of frequent rehearsals and an effort to achieve the highest possible quality are probably two main things that stimulate the singers of “Dagilėlis” and lead us on the way of continuous improvement.
Where will the listeners have an opportunity to enjoy the performance of the Boys’ Choir “Dagilėlis” in the nearest future?
Rather soon, at our upcoming concert on September 16th, at the Church of Sts. Philip and Jacob in Vilnius.
What do you think distinguishes St James Festival from other similar events?
We have been to many festivals and I can assure you that St James Festival is truly unique. I think that both we, performers, and the public are lucky indeed to have an opportunity to hear so much wonderful music under the vaults of this church. This place and space add that inimitable ambiance to the music.
How has the St James Festival changed since the time you had been invited to take part for the first time?
I can observe that the festival keeps changing each year. Judging by the programmes of events, I can see that the work of the organizers always bears great fruit; all appearances demonstrate endless variety, revealing genuine faces and possibilities of the performers.
Why, in your opinion, is it worth attending St James Festival?
This unique festival provides diverse opportunities for every listener to discover music and performers to his or her liking, while every featured performer is really worth listening to.

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