Three premieres for choir and electronics in the unconventional venue

: 2019-05-13


On May 14, at 7 pm, the concert of the “Druskomanija” festival, housed at the Cultural Bar “Kablys”, will feature three new works for choir and electronics by young and talented Lithuanian composers, including Andrius Arutiunian, Mantvydas Pranulis and Monika Zenkevičiūtė. All three pieces were commissioned and will be premiered by the Choir “Vilnius” (Principal Conductor Artūras Dambrauskas) as part of its Young Artists’ Laboratory (Vilnius LAB) program.
Young composers and teams of interdisciplinary artists, admitted as eligible applicants to enter the competition, are encouraged to experiment with their sound vocabulary, to apply innovative multimedia and spatial formats in the search for new forms of artistic expression.
“The main goal of our program is to provide young artists with an opportunity and possibilities to collaborate and interact with performers – that is, the choir – during the entire span of their creative process. We had three creative workshops over the last half-year, in which we analysed and fine-tuned the sketches. Composers had a unique opportunity to learn the possibilities of the choir as an instrument at their disposal, while composer and mentor Mārtiņš Viļums assisted them in arriving at best practical solutions,” emphasised Artūras Dambrauskas, Principal Conductor of the Choir “Vilnius”, speaking of the unique features and strengths of this program.

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